Astoria Oregon is at the coast. You see Young's bay across the highway from the motel. It is a 15 minute drive to the tourist town of Seaside. Shopping and restaurants are within 5 minutes across the new Young's Bay Bridge. Small quaint shops are located downtown historic Astoria. Astoria is celebrating it's 200th anniversary this year.  Astoria's commercisl mzone burned down in 1922. All the buildings you see downtown were built after that time.

We suggest you visit "The Astoria Column" where you can see the entire area all the way to the coast.  Also Astoria has museums and historic homes(many of which are over 100 years old.) We suggest "The walking tour."

The Liberty Theatre has been restored to it's original beauty. In this theatre built in the  20's you will find possibly a musical treat during your stay. The performing Arts center also has evening shopws at times.

"Shangied in Astoria" is a local  orginal musical play which runs during the summer.

The Flavel house located by the historic post office and courthouse is open to the public for viewing.

Close to that area you will see the new "movie museum" in the old historic jail. You will find imformation on the "Goonies" there. Astoria has had many movies made in the area. "Kindergarten Cop" is especially important to Bayview as part of the film was shot at our location.

Activities also include a large  city local swimming pool and a new local theatre.

Contact the local Chamber of Commerce tourist center for more information.